Have you ever wanted to see your child’s face in 3D? Imagine getting to see what they look like. From their facial features down to their toes, you’ll get to see your baby in detail before it arrives. Plus, a pregnancy 3D ultrasound can give you a lot of information about your baby and how they’re developing. So you’ll get peace of mind each time you get 3D ultrasounds. To learn more about 3D ultrasounds and how you can get a 3D ultrasound in Chicago, keep reading.

What Is a 3D Ultrasound?

A 3D ultrasound during pregnancy helps you get a more detailed look at your baby.

3D ultrasound technology can take multiple pictures of your baby from different angles. Then, the technology composites these photos into an image that looks like a photograph of the baby.

Because of this advanced imaging technique, 3D ultrasounds offer more information about how a baby is growing inside the womb. Some physicians recommend 3D ultrasound if there is a risk for abnormal physical changes in the baby.

Some conditions are easier for providers to see on a 3D ultrasound because of the photo composite.

Are 3D Ultrasounds Safe?

Some parents fear that 3D ultrasounds are unsafe. These scans take longer than typical ultrasounds while getting more individual pictures of the baby.

Luckily, there is no proven risk involved with getting 3D ultrasounds. Some researchers speculate that there may be a minute amount of heat that travels into the body during ultrasounds. But, this is true of standard ultrasounds as well.

However, some providers worry that 3D ultrasounds are longer. So, your body may experience heat from sound waves for a longer period of time.

The opinions on 2D vs 3D ultrasounds are vastly different depending on who you consult. But, it remains the same that there hasn’t been much scientific research that has gone against getting 3D ultrasounds.

Should I Get a 3D Ultrasound?

Getting (or not getting) a 3D ultrasound is completely up to you.

Some providers advise against getting 3D ultrasounds, but that’s because of expectation management. Some parents go into a 3D ultrasound thinking that they’re going to see their baby’s face for the first time.

But, the pictures aren’t always that perfect.

3D ultrasounds are composite pictures. They aren’t actual photographs.

And, they can be wonky without showing positive for a birth defect.

Oftentimes, these pictures can unnecessarily worry parents.

Another common woe is that parents don’t get these ultrasounds from medical professionals. They’re going to places that run like photo booths rather than medical clinics.

In these cases, the parents can’t get help if there is something wrong with the baby.

If you get a 3D ultrasound, choose your clinic wisely.

3D Ultrasound in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, you’re in luck. You get to skip the “3D ultrasound near me” Google search.

All you have to do is come into Tummy Vision. We have everything you need to see your baby during different stages of development.

Go ahead and book an appointment today to get started with your 3D ultrasound in Chicago!

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