As you look around for a top 3D ultrasound in Chicago, keep in mind there are at least 3.6 million babies born in the US alone every year. One thing most of these mothers have in common is that they’ve received an ultrasound. The ultrasound technique uses sound to examine a growing baby for developing health conditions.

We are Tummy Vision continue to alert our clients that many ultrasound facilities that offer these procedures have substandard equipment, unqualified staff, or other issues to look out for.

Read on for 6 of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Chicago ultrasound clinic.

1. Ultrasound Procedures

There are different types of ultrasounds performed on pregnant women. They include:

  • B-mode or obstetrical
  • M-mode
  • Doppler
  • Fetal echocardiography

There are also different periods of pregnancy where a doctor may perform an ultrasound. Most healthy pregnancies require two.

The first ultrasound is usually performed at 11-14 weeks and the other at 18-20 weeks. You may also want a 6-week ultrasound for early detection and examination.

When searching for a “gender reveal ultrasound near me,” 100 N/A Primary options will give you the best results.

Find a clinic that offers all of these procedures and more to give you the types of imaging you need for your baby.

2. Ultrasound Equipment

2D ultrasounds are a traditional method, but their results can be blurry. If the clinic you’re considering only uses this type of imaging, you may want to move on to another.

3d ultrasound focus options are a better alternative. The images are clearer and easier to analyze.

You may also want to look for 4d ultrasound primary procedures when choosing an ultrasound clinic. It’s rarer and more expensive but provides better and more impactful results.

3. Staff

Look for a clinic with experienced staff. Make sure they’re licensed in the techniques they practice and have years of experience.

Speak to the staff to determine if you can communicate with them well and if they’re experienced enough to answer your questions.   At Tummy Vision, our staff is highly respected in the industry and have years of experience in providing the top ultrasound experience to our clients.  It is not by accident that Tummy Vision has over 1000 5-star reviews on Google!

4. Ultrasound Referrals, Reviews, and Word of Mouth

Ask your doctor for advice when choosing an ultrasound clinic. They’ll be able to recommend one from a medical perspective.

Ask friends and family who’ve given birth where they went for their ultrasounds. Check the online reviews of each clinic you’re considering to gauge its reputation in the general public.

5. Appointments and Reports

30% of patients have walked out of an appointment due to long wait times, and 20% have changed doctors.

Whether you’re coming in for that first 6wk ultrasound or just a bit of peace of mind, you can’t afford to wait. You need one with the staff and equipment to attend to your needs quickly.

Find out how easy it is to book an appointment at each clinic. Check how often it’s open and how long. Ask about how fast you’ll get your reports after each ultrasound.

6. Pricing

Don’t forget about your budget when choosing a 3D ultrasound clinic in the Chicago area. Make sure you know about the cost of each procedure ahead of time and ask about any discounts or packages they offer.

More Tips for Choosing an Ultrasound Clinic

Ultrasounds are one of the most common and necessary procedures performed on pregnant women. They help determine due dates, prevent pregnancy complications, and more.

Choosing an ultrasound clinic is an essential but difficult decision that’s easier to make if you start with the proper research. Look into aspects such as their procedures, equipment, staff, reputation, scheduling, and pricing.

Tummy Vision 3D/4D Ultrasound Studios offers quality ultrasounds as early as 6 weeks. We also quality equipment with results analyzed by skilled staff. Book an appointment today.


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