Heartbeat Animal & Doppler Package

About the Doppler Ultrasound Test

For moms 12 weeks and up, Tummy Vision provides a Doppler Ultrasound test for you and your baby.  This is a quick ultrasound to see baby and take home a doppler so you can hear baby’s heartbeat at the comfort of your own home.   It’s really an incredible experience for expecting parents.

Doppler Test at Tummy Vision

Doppler Ultrasound Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Our Precious Heartbeat Animals

Buy a Precious Heartbeat Animal at Tummy Vision to Save Your Baby’s Heartbeat!

Tummy Vision offers a precious Heartbeat Animal keepsake for all expecting parents for baby’s (12 weeks and up.). We offer a Heartbeat Animal We offer a heartbeat animal of your choice for only $45 which includes your baby’s unique heartbeat recording. If you decide to upgrade to a regular ultrasound you can add a heartbeat animal for only $35.

Heartbeat Animal kits include a soft, adorable stuffed animal which contains a 20 second recordable sound module with a recording of your baby’s heartbeat. The Heartbeat Animal is 15 inches and is made of fluffy soft fabric and poly fiber fill.

This type of keepsake is something very special, we have some of our adult parents who mention that they wish they had their own heartbeat recorded when they were developing in their mother’s womb.  Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time, but we can provide this beautiful keepsake for your baby.