20 Week Anatomy Scans - Level 1

20 Week Ultrasound Scan For Your Baby

Are you curious about your baby’s development at 20 weeks? You are not alone, and  this scan is a routine part of prenatal care which is usually conducted between weeks 18 and 22 of pregnancy. This is a huge milestone for you and your baby and our 20 week ultrasound anatomy  scans offer unparalleled insight into your little one’s growth and features. With our state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound technology, you can even see your baby’s face in stunning detail. Trust us to provide you with the most convenient and comfortable  20 week pregnant ultrasound experience .  Unlike a typical doctor’s office which may feel cold and unwelcoming, Tummy Vision offers a warm and inviting environment to have your 20 week ultrasound and anatomy scan. Our experienced and caring team will put your mind at ease during this milestone appointment.

Why Is It Important To Have A Ultrasound At 20 Weeks Pregnant?

Are you wondering whether you need an ultrasound at 20 weeks pregnant? The answer is a resounding yes! At Tummy Vision, we highly recommend that all expectant mothers have a 20-week ultrasound to ensure that their baby is developing properly by checking measurements such as growth and weight  along with assessing the baby’s general health. During your appointment the sonographer will see and gather information on your baby which will be reviewed by a radiologist and sent over to your healthcare provider. During this time you can share in the wonderful experience of seeing your baby and the milestones they have achieved. Your healthcare provider will review the results with you at your next appointment and answer any questions you may have. It is normal to have a lot of questions during your ultrasound but please keep in mind your sonographer will not be able to answer your questions at this time.  

How Do You Prepare Yourself For a 20 Week Ultrasound?

Are you excited or nervous about your upcoming 20-week ultrasound? Of course you are, and it is completely normal. After all, it’s one of the most exciting and highly anticipated moments of your pregnancy journey. At Tummy Vision, we understand this milestone’s importance and are here to help you prepare for it.

But how can you prepare yourself for this amazing experience? Well, you should first drink plenty of water and fluids in the days leading up to your ultrasound. This will ensure that your amniotic fluid levels are at their highest, making it easier to get a clear image of your baby.

Secondly, wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove around your abdomen. You’ll need to expose your belly, so wear something that will make it easy for you to do so. This appointment may last up to 45 minutes or an hour so 

Feel free to bring a loved one (or two) with you. We want you to feel relaxed and sometimes having someone you care about nearby makes this experience more enjoyable. Whether it is your partner, a family member or a close friend, we want you to have the support you need.

Then just relax and enjoy seeing your little miracle. Your baby will tend to mimic your mood and if you are calm and peaceful your baby will also behave similarly and you will get to see more of them.

Schedule your 20-week 3D ultrasound with Tummy Vision today and allow us to offer you exceptional comfort and service during your anatomy scan.  

20 Week Anatomy Scan
  • Anatomy Scan Ultrasound (18 to 22 Weeks)
  • Mom + 2 Guests
  • Due Date Estimate
  • Measurements
  • Hear Heartbeat
  • Gender confirmation (by request)
  • 4 Thermal Pictures
  • Results typically sent to your doctor within 2 business days.
  • We do not accept insurance but we accept cash, credit or debit.

Can 20 Week 3D Ultrasound Reveal The Gender Of Your Baby?

Are you curious to know if a 20-week  ultrasound can reveal the gender of your baby? Look no further than Tummy Vision! Our state-of-the-art technology and expert technicians make it possible to get a clear and accurate picture of your baby’s gender at 20 weeks pregnant.

With our 20-week ultrasound services, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality imaging and personalized care. Our 3D ultrasound technology provides a crystal-clear view of your baby’s anatomy, allowing you to bond with your little one and make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

So why wait? Schedule your 20-week  ultrasound with Tummy Vision today and discover the gender of your baby with confidence. With our cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we guarantee a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones. Trust Tummy Vision to find out your baby’s gender.

Experience the Miracle of Life: Schedule Your 20-Week Ultrasound Now

Discover the incredible world of 20-week ultrasound services, where you can witness the beauty of your baby’s development as a significant milestone in your pregnancy journey. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to guiding you through this unforgettable experience while ensuring the highest standards of care for both you and your baby.

At 20 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound becomes a significant milestone in your pregnancy journey. This detailed examination lets you see your little one’s growth and helps your healthcare provider assess your baby’s overall well-being. Advanced 3D ultrasound technology at 20 weeks provides an even more remarkable and life-like visual rendering of your baby, allowing you to see their facial features, movements, and even expressions.

During the ultrasound, a caring and experienced sonographer will meticulously  look at your baby’s anatomy, checking for any potential concerns and assessing the position of the placenta. This comprehensive evaluation helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy and to address any issues early on.

We understand that seeing your baby for the first time is magical and emotional. Our cozy, welcoming facility is designed to make your 20-week  ultrasound a truly memorable and intimate experience. We encourage you to bring a loved one along to share this special time, as we offer a spacious viewing area with large screens for you to cherish these unforgettable moments.

Your baby’s growth and development are truly miracles of life, and we feel honored to be a part of your journey. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond with your baby and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime

Other Prenatal Ultrasounds We Offer:

In addition to our 20 week ultrasound, we also offer a few other ultrasounds:

– Amniotic fluid index

– Biophysical profile

– Placenta – a limited scan to check the placenta location 

– Third trimester growth scan