How does an ultrasound work? So you’re an expecting mom, and the doctor has talked to you about the importance of your prenatal ultrasounds. You know that ultrasound imaging is your first chance to lay eyes on your baby!

But you’re curious – exactly how does an ultrasound work?  Is it possible to see an image of your baby using… sound?  Tummy Vision is the leading ultrasound provider in the Chicagoland area and we feel it is essential to inform and educate our clients on what we do.

For an expectant mother, an ultrasound machine is a wonderful tool. It creates that magical first moment when she sees her baby’s features for the first time. For many mothers, these moments are unforgettable.

Today, ultrasound technology continues to evolve and can make your first experience with your baby even more special with improved quality and definition. Here is how it works:

The Science of Ultrasound Imaging and How an Ultrasound will Work

Ultrasound, or sonography, imaging uses a simple process of transmitting sound waves. A transmitter or probe sends out the sound waves, and then a built-in receiver detects the waves that echo back.

When a sound wave transmits into the body, it will continue to travel until it hits a barrier between two types of tissue, such as fluid vs. soft tissue or soft tissue vs. bone.

After a sound wave hits one of these barriers, it will travel back in the direction from which it came. Some of those reflected waves will be detected by the receiver in the probe.

The probe detects the speed and direction of these waves and uses the information from multiple waves to create a 2-D image. This is what you will see on the computer screen.

Because different types of body tissue will result in different wave patterns, the computer can take in this information to create an accurate representation of the tissue directly underneath the probe.

Is Ultrasound Safe for My Baby and Me?

It is important to remember that ultrasound imaging is 100% safe for mother and baby. This technology has been the gold standard around the world for 60 years and Tummy Vision uses state of the art, completely safe ultrasound imaging for all of our ultrasounds.

how does an ultrasound work?

The sound waves produced are no different than the other types of sounds occurring around us at all times throughout the day. The only difference is that ultrasound waves cannot be heard at normal frequencies.

There is no radiation, unlike an X-ray or CT scan, and it is non-invasive with zero pain to the patient and low cost. It is an amazing and powerful tool!

How Can I Get the Best Quality Photos of My Baby Using Ultrasound?

Ultrasound technology only continues to improve. Tummy Vision stays up-to-date with the most advanced ultrasound equipment to help you achieve maximal quality in your baby’s first photos. We have 4D ultrasound equipment, and we use HD live features to perfectly capture a crystal-clear image of your bundle of joy.

In the past, two-dimensional ultrasounds in black and white were the best that parents could hope for, and the margins were unclear and different to interpret. But today parents have a better choice.

3D and 4D ultrasound with live color captures your baby’s actual movements in real-time, with unparalleled precision. The resulting image is a token of this special time that will last a lifetime.

For the best 3D ultrasound experience, call Tummy Vision today, or contact us with any questions!


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