Are you awaiting your new arrival? Congratulations!

At only four weeks of gestation, your baby grows a blood vessel that will develop chambers around week seven and beat 170 times per minute by week 10! This little heart will work nonstop for the rest of your child’s life to keep them alive and fill them with love.

Of course, you light up every time you hear the beat of their life! Now, you can capture the sound to keep forever!

Read on to learn four reasons why a heartbeat animal makes an incredible keepsake.

1. Bond With Baby

Though you are the closest you can ever be to another human, sometimes mommas feel a disconnect during pregnancy. Before 20 weeks, you may not feel the baby move all the time.

It may feel like you’re pretending that somebody else is there. This does not in any way make you a bad mother.

Simply take measures that will help you form a beautiful bond with your baby. Touch your belly often so you do not miss the noticeable flutters.

Set up an ultrasound that allows you to see them and keep a picture to look at. Bring home an ultrasound memory carrying the baby’s heartbeat so, in these moments of disconnect, it strengthens your bond and makes this all feel real once again.

2. Give a Perfect Gift

A stuffed animal carrying the baby’s heartbeat makes an amazing gift. Mommy or daddy could purchase it for the other in secret to give on a special day.

Send a beautiful heartbeat to a faraway grandparent so they may feel close to it all. In surrogate cases, this can make an amazing gift for the parents who do not get the opportunity to regularly bond with their growing child.

3. Soothe Baby

While in the womb, while the baby could hear some outside noise, they predominately listened to inner human sounds. Once born, the world can feel overstimulating for a while.

A recording of their heartbeat in the womb can feel very familiar. Safely holding a cute plush carrying this sound can help soothe your baby and help them feel safe.

4. Connect to the Connection

Pregnancy allows mothers a unique moment to grow another human and connect with them on a level that can never again happen after separation. These 40 weeks feel fleeting once you welcome your little one into the world.

Though the Baby cannot remain snug in your womb forever, you can capture the incredible energy of this experience. At the baby’s ultrasound, we can record a 20-second clip and place it into a special stuffed animal.

One day, like your child’s first day of school, you may long for this moment of complete protection and connectedness. Simply close your eyes and let the heartbeat bring you back as they experience the world on their own.

Cherish Your Heartbeat Animal

You need a lot of new things for your baby that they will someday outgrow. But a heartbeat animal, you will cherish forever.

The wonders of pregnancy never cease to amaze us! Let us help you capture these incredible moments in a beautiful keepsake. Book your appointment today!

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