Are you excited to find out your baby’s gender? Have you thought about everything you’re going to get them and how you’re going to decorate their nursery? If so, you’re ready for the 14-week ultrasound to come around. When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, you finally get to know the sex of your baby and see some major developmental changes.

To learn more about the things you’ll see with a 14-week ultrasound in 3D, keep reading.

1. Your Baby’s Neck Is Forming

Babies who aren’t far along won’t appear like they have a neck between their head and their chest. Rather, you may see a blob-like construction or a continuous body in the earlier weeks.

By the week 14th ultrasound, your baby’s neck is almost fully formed. This means that you can begin distinguishing its head from its body.

2. Your Baby’s Hair Is Coming In

The 14-week ultrasound will also reveal hair growth all around your baby.

A fine downy kind of hair that we call lanugo will start growing all over their body to protect the skin. This hair will likely remain on the baby’s body until a few weeks before birth. However, some babies are born still having lanugo hair.

You may also notice hair development on the head. Most noticeably, the baby may start showing hair growth for their eyelashes and eyebrows.

3. Your Baby’s Bones Are Growing

Your baby’s skeleton is also ad14 weeks pregnantvancing during the 14 weeks of pregnancy. All of the connective tissue that your baby’s body has been developing will now begin to ossify.

This means that your baby is growing its bones. While this process won’t finish until sometime in early adulthood, it’s still a major milestone.

It’s a milestone that parents may be able to spot on their own ultrasounds. All you have to look for are spots of bright, white. These show you your baby’s bones.

4. Your Baby’s Brain Is Advancing

Another thing you may notice while you’re 14 weeks pregnant is that your baby is moving around more. They’re making new shifts and twitches because they have more control over their body.

They may smile, frown, squint, or make other emotional faces.

Unfortunately, there’s not much research that proves that these are your baby’s emotions at the time. Rather, he/she is just playing around and getting to know their body by trying out some new exercises.

5. You’ll Know Your Baby’s Sex

One of the most exciting things that you’ll find out from your 14-week ultrasound is your baby’s sex. A 14-week gender ultrasound is extremely common. So, you aren’t the only parent who’s excited to take a look once the 14 weeks of pregnancy rolls around.

If you don’t want to wait this long, you should look into getting a sneak peek DNA gender test.

Get Your 14-Week Ultrasound!

The 14-week ultrasound is one of the most exciting, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear about the sex of your baby.

To get a 14-week ultrasound in Chicago, look no further than Tummy Vision. Our 14-week 3D ultrasound experts can help you get the images you need of your baby.

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