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Looking for the Best 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio in Chicago?

Tummy Vision’s Oak Park studio, with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, is your top destination for the best 3D/4D ultrasound experience in Chicagoland. We ensure you get the best possible baby photos and video and with 3D Ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound, and HD Live imaging parents can view what their bundle of joy(s) looks like before they arrive. We use state of the art 4D live color technology with real-time movements, capturing the miracle growing inside that parents can cherish forever.

Tummy Vision Offers the Best 3D Ultrasound Services in Chicago

Our Tummy Vision 3D ultrasound technology will provide the most accurate baby photos imaginable.  Years ago, only black and white, 2D images without a detail were available to expecting parents.  Now, the details of the baby like listed below in the 4D Ultrasound—the heart wall, blood flow and vessels, and details of skin and mouth shape. Like the 4D live video technology, these ultrasounds can help detecting skeletal or physical problems or heart or neural anomalies.

Tummy Vision Offers the Best 4D Ultrasound Services in Chicago

Our live stream ultrasound technology provides a video scan to see your baby in three-dimensional images.  With a 4D ultrasound you can see many angles and

Chicago Archiecture

detail, the wall of the heart, blood vessels and blood flow, valves, and the shape of the mouth and skin.  It is a very, very detailed and exciting ultrasound to see.

Best 6 Week Ultrasound in Chicago

At the 6 weeks stage, the sonographer examines the yolk sac.  This is what feeds and nourishes the baby. The size of the yolk sac is informative about the baby’s health. At 12 weeks the yolk sac disappears.  Our ultrasound studio is calm, serene, and a very positive environment. We love to share this 6 week ultrasound experience with our clients.  Check out our pricing and learn more about our 6 week ultrasounds today!

Best 14 Week Ultrasound in Chicago

At 14 weeks ultrasound, you are able to see a nearly fully formed baby.  You will be able to really see her head, eyes, neck and more. The skeleton and bones are visible during this time. It’s at this time where we can do a quick blood test to reveal the gender of your baby.

You may see facial movements the muscles in the face are developing.

Best 38 Week Ultrasound in Chicago

To learn more good information about the 38 week ultrasound, click here.

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