Congratulations! If you’re reading this, we’re assuming that you or someone very close to you is expecting. Becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting life changes you can go through. But, the amount of information that you have to learn along the way can be overwhelming.

That’s why the 13-week 3D ultrasound is so great! You get to see how your baby is growing over time.

Learn What You Can Expect At Your Baby’s 3D ultrasound:

1. Your Baby’s Body Will Become More Defined

Around 13 weeks is when your baby will start growing more tissue. This will help your baby’s body become more defined. In other words, you’ll get to see more of their features. They’ll start forming their face so you’ll get an idea of what he or they may look like when they’re born.

2. Your Baby Will Become Stronger

This is also the time during which your baby will start becoming stronger. You may notice that they’ll start kicking and moving during this time.

Their muscles are making it easier for them to handle large movements. And, as they grow, these movements will become more obvious to you.

The kicking may not be a great feeling, but it signifies that your baby is growing healthily. Think of each kick as a reassurance that your baby is growing well.

3. Your Baby’s Kidneys Will Start Functioning

Your baby will start growing its kidney during this part of your pregnancy. Their bodies are learning how to process what they’re ingesting. Remember, the kidneys filter through our blood to create urine. For fetuses, the process is similar, although very simplified.

Your baby will start to intake amniotic fluid and excrete pee regularly. Creating the kidneys will take a couple of weeks. So, your baby may not start urinating right away. But, you should be excited about this big step in their development!

4. Your Baby’s Bones Will Start Growing

Your baby’s skeleton will continue growing during this time. As a result, you may notice that his or her features become more prominent.

Many people see this phase as the shift from “blob” to “human.” You may start to really notice the formation of human-like features via 3D ultrasound.

5. Your Baby’s Arms and Legs Will Grow

As your baby’s bones grow, its arms and legs will become better proportioned to the rest of the body.

You’ll start to notice growth in all of the extremities over time. And, you may see more movement as they grow.

13 Week 3D Ultrasound in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, you can skip the “3D ultrasounds near me” Google search. With Tummy Vision, you can get an ultrasound in Chicago.

Baby 3D ultrasounds aren’t required, but it’s great to get a 3D ultrasound in pregnancy so that you can see the changes that we’re talking about for yourself. You’ll be able to see how your baby evolves over your entire pregnancy.

If you’re ready to get your 13-week 3D ultrasound or a 3D ultrasound at any stage in your pregnancy, book an appointment today!

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